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Do., 11. März



Into the Deep - English Edition

Explore your true self and strengthen your deepest trust.

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 Into the Deep - English Edition
 Into the Deep - English Edition

Zeit & Ort

11. März 2021, 19:00 – 20:30


Über die Veranstaltung

Is it possible to strengthen trust in your own abilities, decisions and yourself? 

Especially during challenging times like these, we often have the feeling of losing our ground and let doubts about our deep trust take over. Suddenly your own path seems like a labyrinth and the world around you scares you. But the answer to everything simply lies in trusting yourself. 

We will use this special PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® group session to dive deeply into your trust and strengthen it from within. 

This session will help you: 

Rediscover your basic trust in your life, decisions and feelings

Explore and strengthen your true self 

Release fears, doubts and mental blockages

Make decisions with clarity 

Anchor yourself in your confidence 

Make your own resources available 

We'll warm up with a few breathing exercises at the beginning of the session. Then I'll explain exactly what PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® actually is and what to expect before we dive into a wonderful zoom session to strengthen your self-confidence. After the session, we still have the opportunity to relax and share our experiences during the session. 

By booking this session, you are ensuring that you do not suffer from any of the following conditions: Pregnancy, epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, high intraocular pressure, previous strokes, diagnosed psychoses and anxiety disorders, recent injuries and broken bones.

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® is no substitute for a psychotherapy.


  • Into the Deep

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